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APK test for only €40

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The annual car inspection is getting closer? Don’t worry! We offer comprehensive car diagnostics, including checking all systems for APK test. We make the necessary repairs in our garage, and conduct car exmination in a trusted vehicle inspection station which we cooperate with.

Car has not passed the inspection? Come to us or call us. Remember to have a list of necessary repairs detected during the inspection at a vehicle inspection station of your choice.

The car is not suitable for driving? Call us! We have our own tow trucks, adapted to transport vehicles up to 3.5 tons. We pick up cars from the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany.

periodic motor vehicle test (APK) in the Netherlands

repair of defects found during the inspection in the APK

system diagnostics

collection of broken cars with own transport

Other services

From minor faults to the most complex ones. Repairs are our specialty!

Fuel system

Tire replacement

Exhaust system

Electric system